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    Our products are certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, as well as the European CE standard...

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    We offer the complete line of Marksman dot peen and fiber optic laser marking equipment...

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    JEIL MTECH USA offers value-priced replacement pins as well as a variety of OEM accessories...

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Who we are

JEIL MTECH USA was established to market and service quality marking products in the United States and North America

About our products

We offer a wide range of products, from production line integrated equipment, to stand alone units, or simple hand held portable device ... view our products

How we do it

JEIL MTECH USA works directly with the manufacturer to provide maximum value and unmatched customer service ... contact us for a quote



Jeil Mtech USA & North America has been established to market and service the Jeil Mtech Co. Ltd. dot peen (pin), scribing and fiber optic laser marking equipment in North America. The Jeil Mtech Marksman line of dot peen marking equipment has been manufactured and sold for over twenty years and has a reputation for high quality at an affordable price.

*Jeil Mtech USA also repairs all models of Dot Peen Marking Equipment!

Message From The President:

Through the years I have been blessed with many different working experiences. From Construction, to Public Works- Transportation to Sales. I have enjoyed all of them, and the experience has been a tremendous source for my current endeavor. It is my goal here at Jeil Mtech USA to show that we can develop a prosperous company without losing our honor. To treat all with kindness and purpose. To show that one need not sell out to win the prize. That it is more important as to how we were of help than how much we collected. It is my goal that when someone looks at Jeil Mtech USA they see Honesty, Quality and Excellent in service.

John McGarry
Jeil Mtech USA

Serving North America

North American sales, distribution and service of Jeil Mtech Co. Ltd. Dot Peen Marking Equipment commenced in 2004 through the efforts of John McGarry, president and general manager of this firm. John has been in the product stamping and dot peen marking industry for over 16 years. He is a specialist in marking equipment and it\\\'s capabilities.

From production line integrated equipment to stand alone units or simple hand held portable devices, John McGarry and the Jeil Mtech local and international staff can provide the solutions and service you require.

The Marksman line of dot peen (pin) and fiber optic laser marking equipment was developed by Jeil Mtech Co. Ltd., an international firm with headquarters, research, development & manufacturing facilities in the democratic Republic of South Korea, who is a trusted and valued U.S. trade partner. Jeil Mtech Co. Ltd. is certified for ISO9001, ISO14001 and European CE standards.

JEIL MTECH USA & NORTH AMERICA is headquartered in Lake Elsinore, California U.S.A. and has full access and support of the manufacturer. In the 5 years that our president, John McGarry, has worked with the company, a mutual trust and respect has developed. John went to Jeil Mtech Co. Ltd. in South Korea last year for advanced training and to meet the Jeil Mtech Co. Ltd president, Mr. Kim. John was overwhelmed with the graciousness of the Jeil Mtech Co. Ltd. staff and the Korean people he met. There is innovation, pride in the quality of manufacturing and sincere desire to serve customers.

Become a Distributor

Are you interested in becoming an independent distributor? We are establishing a select group of independent companies in the United States, Mexico, and South America.

News & Events

April 5 - 7, 2011
Aerodef Manufacturing Exposition and Conference. Experience the event that’s bringing radical change to aerospace and defense manufacturing.

May 17 - 19, 2011
Eastec will be held at the Eastern States Exposition, 1305 Memorial Ave., West Springfield, Massachusetts 01089 (413.737.2443). Please accept my invitation to stop by our booth, number 2011.


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